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One of the more alcoholic beers/malt liquors out there, at a little over 10% ABV. Kind of hard to find and don't taste all that great, but will damn sure get you buzzed. Most beers are either a high gravity beverage, an ice beer, or a malt liquor, but Pitbull High Gravity Ice Malt Liquor just said 'Fuck it, all of the above."
Alcoholic 1: "Yo dude, I wanna get drunk really fast, do you have anything really alcoholic, like some Colt 45 or possibly a King Cobra?"

Alcoholic 2: "Man, fuck that pussy shit, go get yourself a Pitbull High Gravity Ice Malt Liquor outta the fridge. Its got like 20 percent more alcohol than that stuff."
by EyeDestroyHores October 31, 2009

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