A masturbation technique where your index finger points out and your thumb sticks up while you jerk off.
I tested out the pistol grip while I was jerking off and I shot my load 6 times. I now have an awesome six-shooter.
by DMITCH November 02, 2007
Top Definition
a kickass oi/streetpunk punk band from Diamond Bar/Pomona. Been holding down LA punk for years but are no longer together too bad cuz they kicked asssssssss. Buy their shit on Itunes.

4 cd's

shots from the Kalico rose (2001)
another round (2003)
tear it all down (2004)
machines of string theory in C#m (2009)
---hey man is Pistol Grip playing anytime soon?

---no man they broke up.

---too bad they were the shit.
by guitargangster May 25, 2010
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