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A standard sandwich tainted with human urine. Commonly used on white bread, its common tell signs are a yellow stain that is concentrated in one area. Unfortunately, there is no way to 100% tell if it is a standard sandwich, or a Pisswich.

The reason is, melted butter or margarine, has the same affects (on white bread). The only surefire way to insure that your sandwich is not a Pisswich, is to eat it, or use a DNA test on all the ingredients in said sandwich/Pisswich.
Common scenarios when one may find a Pisswich, is during sleep overs with friends, parties, weddings, cooking classes, trash cans, and funerals.
Scientist 1: Hey Gary, i think i have found a way to decipher the difference between a Pisswich, and a Sandwich!

Scientist 2: Really?! We must tell the world!

Scientist 1: Right after i eat my turkey-Club Sub. with butter.

Scientist 2: Wait... Butter.... Professor! No!

Scientist 1: Wait... is it... No... i cant tell. I CANT TELL!

Scientist 2: Use the method!

Scientist 1: ... it wont work....!

by Scientist 3 August 31, 2011
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