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A woman who pisses on your chest immediately after fucking her brains out. It has not yet been determined the exact nature behind this phenomena but one must assume it is simply an act of territorial procedure. The pissing can also be accompanied by some silent farting which in most cases is just plain fucking disgusting.
Steve: Hey man the funniest thing happened. I was just finishing up plowing your mom for a good 17 minutes when the crazy bitch got up, crouched over top of me, and starting pissing.

Jim: Aw sick dude... my mom's a pisser!?!?
by SKYYGUYY April 09, 2009
39 29
A word used in mock earnest to indicate grave misfortune.
I read in the Boston Globe that Senator Kennedy has a prostate the size of a ain't that a pisser!
by harry flashman August 01, 2003
123 61
some where to go for a piss at the pub
where the fucks the pisser?
by tamahau March 02, 2003
126 64
1. a word mainly associated with the Boston area that means "wicked awesome".
yaw new hair is wickit pissuh.
by blight July 30, 2003
133 77
A person so funny, they make you piss your pants.
George Carlin is the biggest pisser.
by fritzenbacher November 14, 2006
88 51
A vulgar term referring to a restroom. Similar meaning to shitter, though pisser generally isn't refering to "a toilet", but to a "restroom, with the purpose of using a toilet". Basically, you can say "on the shitter" but you shouldn't say "on the pisser", and you say "in the pisser", not "in the shitter", which would refer to inside the toilet.

When someone is "in the pisser", they are taking a piss.
Where's Patty?
She's in the pisser, she'll be out in a sec.
by Laqueshus June 05, 2009
53 27
the place you go piss it up
"im going to the pisser"
"frog piss"
by pisspantprat February 20, 2007
49 28
A variation of the gravity bong, with a small hole near the bottom of a 2 liter. The dank is placed in a bowl on top of the 2 liter and is lit while the hole is uncovered and and the water is let out. A very efficient way of getting extremely stoned in one hit.
I hit the pisser with Kdizz the other day and got soooo stoned off just one hit! We were baked for at least 6 hours...
by Artizz April 21, 2006
78 57