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An individual whom takes a piss to the chest and or face while in an inebriated state of being often found on the floor of a fraternity or dorm room. Also often pisschester is in association with scum, filth, or a “chaunce". A pisschester often is found in the Midwest region of the United States, however it can be seen lurking in the troll caves of Detroit. Pisschesters are often referred to as violent creatures and are not to be approached for safety concerns.
"He is such a pisschester"
"What a chaunce pisschester"
"He got pissed on three times last night, what a pisschester"
"Lets make her a pisschester!"
"lets use pisschester to mop the floors!"
"I saw that scummy pisschester in boulder, did you?"
by Fratitude51 January 23, 2012
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