The feeling experienced when a person (perticularly male) urinates; can be used colloquially to describe any other experience which causes the same or similar feeling.
The bridge of that song gave me piss shivers.
by DKqwerty February 07, 2007
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That annoying little shiver you get at the end of a long and refreshing piss.
Damn that piss shiver gave me the chills!
by the Elephant Man August 12, 2004
Shaking randomly when your pissing :P
Monty: "I was the other day, and i shivered! Piss went everywhere!"

Assface: "Thats called Piss Shiver -.-"
by Grandpoop September 16, 2010
When you get goose bumps when you need to pee.

e.g. "Whoa! Look at my arms -- piss shivers! I need to pee..." Joe
by Kath Canton` May 27, 2006

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