When you get goose bumps when you need to pee.

e.g. "Whoa! Look at my arms -- piss shivers! I need to pee..." Joe
by Kath Canton` May 27, 2006
Top Definition
That annoying little shiver you get at the end of a long and refreshing piss.
Damn that piss shiver gave me the chills!
by the Elephant Man August 12, 2004
The feeling experienced when a person (perticularly male) urinates; can be used colloquially to describe any other experience which causes the same or similar feeling.
The bridge of that song gave me piss shivers.
by DKqwerty February 07, 2007
Shaking randomly when your pissing :P
Monty: "I was the other day, and i shivered! Piss went everywhere!"

Assface: "Thats called Piss Shiver -.-"
by Grandpoop September 16, 2010
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