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One who will bring on the piss. Can be hired on google. Will couat you down for a reasonable price.
"That kid smelled like he was dipped in a vat of piss. Like he woke up that morning and said "Whoo! Bring on the piss!" and someone brought on the piss. I don't know who would bring piss on, but you can pretty much hire anybody on Google these days. Just type in Piss Painters and someone will coat you down for a reasonable price."
by Tetyana October 13, 2006
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Someone that gives you a coat of piss especialy to kids named obby, robby and anyone thats named with an obby on the end as Dane Cook would put it
"Like he woke up in the morning and said, BRING ON THE PISS!" and someone did bring on t he piss. YOu can pretty much hire anyone off google these days. Just search piss painters or something." - Dane Cook
by Colin76219874351625746 September 11, 2008
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the acidity of urine has a notable affect on copper and some metals. To some, the product created is concidered modern art
Josh has this weird metal artwork in his living room...
Don't touch it! He's a piss painter
by bayla April 19, 2009
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