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A moat of urine created by the homeless that created a physical and psychological barrier when entering a space. Individuals a generally deterred from patronizing locations surrounded by a piss mote for a plethora of reasons. Perhaps the actual barrier is unattractive, the smell may disincentive entry. Perhaps the 500 homeless men who created the mote in the first place are still there. A piss mote is a symbol of an area’s decline coupled with the lack of proper rest room facilities.
1. There used to be a McDonald's on Spring Street until the piss mote got it.
2. Don't used the elevator at the train station. There are so many homeless that and no bathroom for days, and you just know its got a piss mote.
3. You know when white flight happens; when the piss mote gets the whole town.
4. New Brunswick was nice until the piss mote (Raritan River) got it.
by Pom Peterson April 21, 2008
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