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1. A person and or being, group or association, whom drinking large volumes of alcoholic beverage.

2. A shearer or a Muleser who drinks many beers.

3. Often coincides with gentlemanly types who enjoy rugby union, polo, golf and cricket and getting "boozed" after the match.
"Those NSW Western Muleser's really can cut piss, they are piss cutting legends"

Those bum skinning, rugby playing, chick magnet gentleman can really drink, what a bunch of PCL's haha, or piss cutting legends.

Will: "Classic Custard" (while Custard drinks seventeen beers after bondi 10s in the marquee) "I'm a piss cutting legend Will."

"Those Muleser's were the last team to leave Woollahra 2, what a great bunch of piss cutting legends"
by wmuleser February 09, 2011
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