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A luxurious bush found in B1 (Brown Camp) at Reading Festival 2008.

This bush was used by thousands of unhygeninc, mud ridden people, who just wanted a remote, yet satisfying area to do what they do best.

Piss Creek was owned by Tiny Camp (headed by King Thom and his rabid minions)

Piss Creek was also very versatile; sometimes becoming "Shit Creek", "Vomit Creek" and in desperate cases "Cum Creek".

A points system was used as an advertising ploy for Piss Creek, whereby a person could gain 10 points for "twosies" (current record holder is Little Steve with over 120 points).
"Hmm I'm in B1 and I'm at least 5 minutes away from the nearest toilet, but I'm about to PISS MYSELF, what ever shall I do?"

by James O H August 25, 2008
in a troublesome situation. often confused with shit creek ; one is said to be up piss creek without a paddle. unlike shit creek, piss creek should be used in only less serious situations. when possible a paddle is highly reccommend. originally piss creek most likely refered to the mississippi river.
dude 1 "if you're late for work today your gonna be up piss creek without a paddle"
dude 2 "can i borrow your piss paddle, maybe then i won't be so late"
dude 1 "sure, you'd better get paddling, or else tommorrow it'll be shit creek instead".
by na8 October 23, 2003
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