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The penis, either hard or soft, that must be emptied immediately when experiencing a full bladder sensation.
"Let me out of the car right now, I have to empty out my piss cock."
by Uncle Puppy November 24, 2008
a male sex organ i.e penis,schlong,cock,little fella,captain carmella. wich has not been cleaned in a long time and has the odour off piss/semen/shit/mucus/dogs anus

2:an indigenous specious of england
1:hey whats that smell? oh richard hasnt cleaned his cock in awhile he sure is a stinky pisscock

2:hey what the fuck is that thing? dont ask its an indiginous species
by mista mista June 16, 2006
When your friend acts like an idiot and you call him a Pisscock
Stfu Pisscock!
by Shpiss July 06, 2016
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