When you have to piss so bad, you pop a wood.
I had to piss so bad that I got a piss boner.
by T-Bone June 30, 2004
Top Definition
An erection caused by an over abundance of urine in the penis, usually occurring upon waking in the morning.
I woke up with a piss boner and slapped kyle in the face with it.
by Flake Barias May 28, 2008
An involuntary erection generally occurring upon waking in the morning.
Man, I was havin' this really vivid dream, but then I woke up with just a piss boner, y'know what I mean, man?
by kinsmed July 02, 2004
A morning erection usually alleviated by urination. Usually dry-humping or twisting around your dick would feel good in this instance. And, when you urinate, you need to do a handstand or pull it down. Even if you do these things, your urine will definitely go everywhere, since morning pisses usually include piss flying everywhere randomly, even disobeying the laws of gravity because of what I can only guess is dick boogers (eye boogers, but in your dick hole).
I had a wicked piss boner this morning.
by Bonerection September 26, 2010
A guy wakes up with a piss boner when he doesn't totally unload before he goes to bed. This can be especially embarrassing when living with another man or when explaining the concept to a female when under the hysteria of the midnight mindfuck.
I laid in bed for at least an hour this morning and the piss boner I had never went down. I basically had to masturbate to get it to a size reasonable enough to get out of bed with.
by gergerry_da_phzzt September 08, 2007
n. When a male acquires a penile erection, usually only maximizing at 75%, due to the need to urinate. Sometimes also referred to as peacock.
Girl - Eww, he's got a chub!!!

Guy - Don't flatter yourself hun, it's just a pissboner.
by djdurdy September 20, 2009
When your dick gets hard because it's inflated with piss.
Mike : "Oh my God, Jeremy has boner! Is he really turned on by that ugly bitch?!"
John : "Nah, it can't be - he probably just has a piss boner."
by Hi Raoul September 29, 2014
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