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Yet another word from Scottish people for drunk, we have millions
"ach man, I'm well pished"
by Kieren and Grae July 01, 2006
97 17
I am well pished.
by Anonymous July 31, 2003
98 9
Drunker than "pissed."
Ooo, one more drink and she'll be pished.
by kelly September 12, 2003
41 21
Has already been well described, but more examples help to further contextualise the word:
Hoots, mon. I am totally fukin' pished oota ma skull, by the way.
by andy555 February 23, 2007
10 9
extremely angry. Hulk angry.

a softer way of saying "pissed" said by people who don't want to sound overtly vulgar.
I was so pished at my friend for damaging my car. I'm going to smack her.
by fons et origo December 09, 2010
3 38