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Derived from the Arabic "Purtlé," meaning to be unbelieveably hilarious and slightly self-centered; To have an abnormally large Penis; To be great in physical activities with 'godlike' strength
The man was obviously Pirtle. How much more Pirtle can you get?
by Billy thomson May 03, 2010
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One who uncannily resembles Disney's Hercules.
"Jonathan is such a Pirtle."
by skidz417 November 27, 2008
1. For a male to attempt to engage another male in coversation while using a bathroom.

2. To be irredeemably gay by breaking clearly defined standards of acceptable heterosexual behavior.
Hey, did you hear about Matt pirtling Thomas in the bathroom?

Jerry finally let us know he's pirtle when he grabbed Tony's ass.
by Bocephus Z February 11, 2008

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