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a guy with an eye patch, a peg leg and a talking parrot on his shoulder, and he says, "arrr" alot, he steals, plunders, and enjoys the merriment of booze and women.
The pirate drank his women and kissed his booze when he woke up.
by donjuandemarcopolo June 18, 2005
Ultimate Badasses!!!!

Pirates are so freaking sweet, I myself am a pirate as is the entire ward melville fencing team, and we are quite frankly really freakin sweet....
Me, and the entire ward Melville Fencing Team
by Bente Says June 03, 2005
Cross your arms grab the breasts squeeze them together and motor boat them.
"I liked my bitches poop deck and pirated her all night!"
by Chase and Derrik September 12, 2008
someone who takes your feelings and buries them on some desert island far far away leaving only a cryptic map to guide you back to them, but first you have to overcome dangerous tasks and challenges!
that Chris is a stupid fuckin pirate!
by RiotBoi Gus June 06, 2005
cumming in a girls eye, then charlie horseing her
I gave my pirate, and she didn't like it
by garrett kearney May 10, 2005
Male jizz or cum, derived from the word semen/seamen.
If pirates are allowed in the vagina no tellin what Trouble they can cause
Im close where you want the pirates!?
In my mouth Im not on the pill
by Gerard Foos August 12, 2009
Used to describe a woman with small/non-existent breast, therefore having a sunken chest.
Look at that pirate over there.

A what??!!!!

Her over there, the one with the sunken chest.
by Felchqueen March 03, 2007