Where you'r get a blow job and just before you blow your load you pull your dick out of her mouth,Jizz in her eye, and stomp on her foot.
Dude,i just gave my girl a Pirate.lmao.
by Phat Jo June 19, 2010
A guy who, is thirsty trying to holler at every chick he see's.

that will have sex with any female he talk's to regardless if she's is a -1 or 10 .
he doesn't respect the "game". he will say anything to a women just to have

sex with her, even if what he say's Doesn't make Sense.
(pirate)" damn lil mama you thicker than goverment Cheese
by jewleyouse January 31, 2014
came from across the seas, none of which were African American
the pirates are here!
by caroline hogan December 07, 2013
a pirate is man who would sail about on a boat killing rapeing stealing and fuckin shit up for innocent people. pirates have now been seen by most western emos and scene kids as a man who would fight ninjas but they are wrong as a pirate would rape and kill them if they saw them walkdown the street
emo-hey theres a pirate lets go talk to him

scene kid- yeah man, lets

emo and scene kid get took to a boat were they are never seen again.
by joe123345345 July 16, 2009
A guy/gal who steals openly, and plunders often with a crew aboard a ship. Very popular in the 17th century especially in the caribbean. Also a slang language known as "pirate language", which includes alot of old 17th century slang. Alot of modern words come from this slang aswell.
Henry Morgan was a pirate, and there you got your rum.
by KevTheDreaded May 24, 2005
person of swashbuckling tendencies.
also a hilarious sexual manoeuvre.
boris: i pirated loads of warez online!
winston: i pirated your mum!
berty: someone's got jokes!
by jeffreyZZ December 30, 2007
amazing how people define what an actual pirate is on a SLANG Dictionary...

A pirate is someone who downloads free shit all the time, thus are pirating. Someone who pirates is a pirate etc...
I'm a pirate, I'm always downloading torrents and shit like that.
by sebastiancee December 28, 2007

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