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someone who gets the booty ;)
OMG, Zherka is such a pirate
by TiffanyLhuvsYhu March 18, 2011
A new subculture in the USA. Pirates are tolerant people, racists, homophobes, or racists are found nowhere in the pirate scene. They're not judgemental people at all. Because of this, pirates tend to get along with everybody. A pirate is always around for his/her friends, who are typically fellow pirates

The subculture revolves around music. Because of this, many pirates are musicians. Many other pirates tend to go into other music-related careers. A pirate will appreciate music of any genre, though they tend to avoid mainstream music. Typical pirates, listen to punk rock, grunge, metal, jazz, classic rock, anything that requires a good mind to appreciate.

There is no definitive pirate fashion. Pirates are allowed to dress as they please, although it helps if you avoid shoppin at stores such as Hollister and Abercrombie. Pirates have plenty of band shirts, as it's part of the culture.

Pirates swear like sailors. They know how to have a good time and seek to entertain themselves, and others. They tend to get along with everybody. Pirates are always around for their friends- they're about unity.
Dude 1; Man, that dude Sid Sandinista is pirate incarnate.
Dude 2; What do you expect? He created pirate culture with his buddies.
Dude 1; Figures.
by Larry Adams October 21, 2011
pirates were thought to be people who stole from other people, and left a trail of death in their wake, but not many people know that, while they DID do most of that, their main purpose was to travel around the world giving candy to small children. the killing and stealing was just to get money for the candy. and for rum.
pirates also wore really sweet clothes, and it didn't really matter if they lost a leg... they still wore a peg-leg. they still do, actually.
rupert: dude my great granddad hated pirates!!!! he was awesome!
pirate: DIE YOU FIEND!!!!.... oooh... $50!!!! sweet! more money for rum and candy!
by sai-sai May 20, 2008
When a woman is giving a man a blow job until he pulls out and ejaculates in her eye, causing her to cover her eye (like an eye patch) Then kicks her in the shin resulting in her hopping on one leg (as if she has a wooden leg), and screaming arrrr like a pirate.
I am going to pirate my girl tonight, she didn't cook me dinner.
by Frederick Dallard April 01, 2008
1.Can describe the pillaging robbers that used to roam the seas in the 17th century

2.or an abbreviation of the blockbuster movie trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean.

3.Also the name of a NFL football team...I think.
1. Those greedy pirates stole my booty! Arrgh!

2. Pirates of the Caribbean was so cool! I can't wait for the third one!

3. Umm...I think the Pirates are beating the Giants...I think...
by TheCool May 04, 2007
When you're doing a girl (or guy) from behind, before you cum, spit at her (or his) back so she (or he) will think that you have ejaculated, and will turn around. When she (or he) turns around, ejaculate on her eye, making her (or him) scream "arrrrgggh" hence the name pirate.
Dude, James just pirated his boyfriend last night. His boyfriend's now wearing an eyepatch
by alabangerz August 03, 2011
A man that is unavailable. Gives you attention for a short time and then drifts away in search of another treasure...only to find it is not there..and they remain drifting for the rest of their lives...missing out on the true treasure they could've had.
I liked him until he became a pirate.
by houstonsocialbutterfly July 09, 2009