1. Always land on their feet
2. have cool eye patches ... even if they have both eyes
3. have dice
4. have guns
5. pirates are not ordinary humans so they can kill ninjas!
6. have cool ships
7. have better swords then ninjas
8. are all around better then ninjas
9. have a lot of movies about them (way more then ninjas)
10. wear red on thursdays
11. have graduated from Pyro Pirate Academy of One-Eyed Peter!
12. polish their peg legs
13. say thinds like scally-wagger and scurvy-chap
14. Arrrrr! need i say more
15. pack a mean punch
16. always have the best snacks
17. will make you walk the plank if your not as cool as them
18. start all the major fashion trends
19. don't go crying to their mommies ... like ninjas
20. know how to handle a lady
21. knows how to DAG people better then ninjas
22. have pretty cool boots
23. get all the tasty rum
24. have pretty good cursive
25. have more extended vocabualary then ninjas
26. are absolutley amazing!!!
Arrr...me matey! I'm a pirate!

Joe: Dude, pirates rock.
Greg: Iknow, they're totally better than those retarded ninjas!
Cindy: My dad's a pirate.
Joe/Greg: Cool...
by Marsha/Betty October 13, 2006
Parents In Radar Above The Ear... It means a parent is watching the computer/ cell phone screen and to watch what you say. Don't say something that might be offensive to the person's parents.
Chris: OMG did you see the shirt Kristen had on today? Oh wow i felt myself getting hard....
Bob: Yeah that was hot
Bob: pirate!
Chris: And then Billy slid into home plate that was awesome!
Bob: Yeah the score was 50 to 14!
Bob: ok she's gone
Chris: ok. i can't even say the things i want to do to Kristen out loud!
by rock1453 June 13, 2009
The most badass category of humans to ever walk the face of the earth. Pirates don't give a fat shit about anything, don't listen to any type of authority, get shit faced 24/7 off rum, and spend their lives kicking ass and sailing around on a giant ass ship. Instead of just executing traitors like a sensible human, pirates used to tie them to their mobile ass kicking platform (ship) and throw them overboard to drag them around the ocean where they would slap against the side of the ship and get fucked up by all the barnacles on the side. Is that not the most savage thing you've ever heard?

Numerous studies by credible scientific journals have also came to a net conclusion in the past years that if you don't think pirates are the coolest you're probably a huge pussy.

"Wow urban dictionary poster, Pirates sound fucking cool. It sucks they only existed in the 18th century."

My friend. Anybody can become a pirate if they just believe. That and if they exhibit fine pirate traits such as not giving a dogs ass about anything, taking whatever they want whenever they want, and exclaiming badass phrases like "AARRR" when about to do something reckless like punching your boss in the face or going on to the Disney channel website without your parents permission. Notable modern pirates include Chris Pontius, Stephen Colbert, Sid from toy story, and of course the father of the modern pirate, Bill Clinton.

"Pirate" can also be used as an adjective. See below for examples.
"Hey did you hear that Jake took a shit on his supervisors desk after he got fired?"

"Wow that's pirate as fuck"
by PirateCaptain January 24, 2015
(V.) To find a lost item, and keep it without seeking out its rightful owner.

(N.) One who pirates.
1: Dude, nice watch!

2: Thanks, I pirated it
by Josephine Goldfinch July 21, 2010
A pirate, a thief of the sea, sails around in a boat theiving, killing and generally pissing off the Ninja (its natural enemy and the only being to be worthy enough of a pirate's hate) by being so much better than it.

Here is a list of pirate superpowers:

- The ability to heal flesh wounds in a secong *as illustrated in most cartoons/movies*

- The ability to morph either hand to a hook and back again instantaniusly

- The ability to kick a ninja's ass

- Sink small islands with their eyes

- Summon the flying spaggheti monster *yet only if the need is dier*

- Whoop anyones ass at halo

- Legally buy pirated dvds/cds/videos/music

- They are ALLOWED to run around without any clothes on fighting other sweaty men, its practically a law

- The ability to beat, not only ninjas, but yes, even SPIDERMAN!!

- Summon a troop of purple flying hippos to their aid in battle

For this reason and many more, i urge you all


unless your not col enuf to pull it off that is!
ME! Capn' Bonbon *Best pirate ever*
by Capn' Bonbon May 01, 2007
A pirate can be:

1. A person who sails the oceans in search of adventure and ships to plunder for their booty.

2. Any item made illegally (aka bootleg).

3. Maddox is also a pirate.
1. Arrr! I am a pirate!

2. Yar! The quality of this Star Wars DVD is awful! Shiver me timbers, it's a pirated version! Whoever sold me this will be walking the plank!

3. Pirates kick ass.
by Brick Wall April 23, 2005
A man that is unavailable. Gives you attention for a short time and then drifts away in search of another treasure...only to find it is not there and they remain drifting for the rest of their lives...missing out on the true treasure they could've had.
I'm always attracted to pirates...
by houstonsocialbutterfly July 09, 2009
A laudable term for a person held in such high esteem amongst his friends/coworkers/family for his impressive IDGAF qualities.

Though sharing many characteristics with wiggers in mentality, they do not share many in hygiene, music or clothing selections. Some of the characteristics shared are immediately evident, neither (a)cares much for authority or (b)is generally concerned for the consequences of their actions.

Pirates are all around you.
coworker: "did you just tell the boss the fuck off after catching you drinking a beer on lunch break?"

you: "yeah, so." (sips beer)

coworker: "you're a fuckin' pirate bro."

you: "yeah, so." (finishes beer)
by j.dot.awesome August 17, 2010

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