1. Always land on their feet
2. have cool eye patches ... even if they have both eyes
3. have dice
4. have guns
5. pirates are not ordinary humans so they can kill ninjas!
6. have cool ships
7. have better swords then ninjas
8. are all around better then ninjas
9. have a lot of movies about them (way more then ninjas)
10. wear red on thursdays
11. have graduated from Pyro Pirate Academy of One-Eyed Peter!
12. polish their peg legs
13. say thinds like scally-wagger and scurvy-chap
14. Arrrrr! need i say more
15. pack a mean punch
16. always have the best snacks
17. will make you walk the plank if your not as cool as them
18. start all the major fashion trends
19. don't go crying to their mommies ... like ninjas
20. know how to handle a lady
21. knows how to DAG people better then ninjas
22. have pretty cool boots
23. get all the tasty rum
24. have pretty good cursive
25. have more extended vocabualary then ninjas
26. are absolutley amazing!!!
Arrr...me matey! I'm a pirate!

Joe: Dude, pirates rock.
Greg: Iknow, they're totally better than those retarded ninjas!
Cindy: My dad's a pirate.
Joe/Greg: Cool...
by Marsha/Betty October 13, 2006
A hot girl/woman that is refered to have lots of booty and a treasure chest. (has a nice ass and boobs).
1. Fuck man! That girl I hooked up with last night was a pirate!

by BUFFALO MOON October 26, 2007
A codeword for a good looking person. Good for when you're with you're girlfriends/gay friends and talk about the lucky fellow without their knowledge.


What?! Where?!

Over by the gay porn! The one with the nipple ring!
by frankie [monster.] November 04, 2006
Doing a girl doggie style. pull out. spit on her back so she thinks that you blew your load. she turns around. you spud in her eye then kick her in the shin
pirates read above
by john doe jr the 69 February 28, 2009
The most freaking awesome thing ever to walk the face of the earth
Damn, thats one sexy pirate
by RheAnna June 06, 2005
to download illegaly, usually music or movies
john: i downloaded the new 50 cent cd last nihgt for free
chris: um you know it's illegal to pirate music, right?
john: shhhh!
by kate w. October 16, 2005
Back in the day, pirates were deadbeats, missing limbs, and yelling "ARRRR". They would go pillaging and raiding, and stealing everything they could find, on their 1700s boats.

Today, pirates are teenagers who host and seed downloads for P2P clients and Torrent servers, sharing software, music, and video.
^^^^^^^ Heaven for Pirates
by gplpark92 September 17, 2006
A new subculture in the USA. Pirates are tolerant people, racists, homophobes, or racists are found nowhere in the pirate scene. They're not judgemental people at all. Because of this, pirates tend to get along with everybody. A pirate is always around for his/her friends, who are typically fellow pirates

The subculture revolves around music. Because of this, many pirates are musicians. Many other pirates tend to go into other music-related careers. A pirate will appreciate music of any genre, though they tend to avoid mainstream music. Typical pirates, listen to punk rock, grunge, metal, jazz, classic rock, anything that requires a good mind to appreciate.

There is no definitive pirate fashion. Pirates are allowed to dress as they please, although it helps if you avoid shoppin at stores such as Hollister and Abercrombie. Pirates have plenty of band shirts, as it's part of the culture.

Pirates swear like sailors. They know how to have a good time and seek to entertain themselves, and others. They tend to get along with everybody. Pirates are always around for their friends- they're about unity.
Dude 1; Man, that dude Sid Sandinista is pirate incarnate.
Dude 2; What do you expect? He created pirate culture with his buddies.
Dude 1; Figures.
by Larry Adams October 21, 2011

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