During anal sex, the pitcher pulls out, spits on the catchers back. At which point the catcher will turn around allowing the pitcher to lob a stream of baby juice in the catchers eye. After recieving the eye candy, the catcher will cover up the affected eye with their hand. The crucial point for the pitcher is the timing of the last step: expertly landing a heel stomp to the toes of the catcher. The catcher will then be covering one eye and hopping on one leg.
Nobody ever said the life of a one eyed, one legged pirate is easy.
by Anonymity Finest August 11, 2005
Top Definition
During anal sex with girl friend the man spits on her back so she thinks he jizzed and when she turns around he jizzes on her face and she makes a pirate sneer.
Hey, mom its a pirate surprise!
by Geoff March 14, 2003
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