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Pirate Macauley is a vicious pirate who roams the severn seas. He is the most fearsome pirate in all the land and is incredibly terrible. He plunders and pillages many peoples land. As soon as you see him you should get away as soon as possible.
"Pirate Macauley pillaged my village!" "Really? You were lucky to survive!"
by Evil Pipe March 01, 2013
The pirate Macauley sex postion. It's a bit like doggy style but where their leg is rotated 90 degrees up into the air and the male, or giver is wearing a pirate hat.
"My boyfriend and I did the Pirate Macauley last night!" "I guess you could say he boarded your vessel!"

"Wow he looks experienced. I bet he's done the Pirate Macauley lots of times!"
by Thorclealmighty March 02, 2013
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