Pirate Duck Mafia is a group of people who follow the calling of pirate ducks.

Nobody knows their exact identities or how many members are in the group, but what is known is that one should never turn their back on a member or you will suffer the consequences.

The Pirate Duck Mafia despises rats and will stop and nothing to drive every last one of those fuckers into the ground.
"Hey, do you know who the Pirate Duck Mafia is?"
"No clue, but hearing that name just made me pee a little in my pants"
"Me too :("
by Pirate Duck Mafia March 11, 2009
Top Definition
This is a sad bunch of boys that want to sound hard core. They are Narcs and Rats nothing more nothing less.
The Pirate Duck Mafia are rats and will stop and nothing to blame everyone else for what they do wrong.

Whats with the "Pirate Duck Mafia"?

Not much just a bunch of keyboard wannabes.
Ya I herd they will drop a dime on ya and blame others for it.
by Duck Humter December 17, 2010
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