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1)A Lady who very much likes to give head

2)Mildly insulting reference to the female of the species homosapiens
1) I spent the night at Sandra's house - had no idea she was such an ace pipesmoker

2) (upon seeing a gathered group of women) 'Fuck me what's this ? a pipesmokers convention ?
by Euromark December 01, 2006
A man/woman who delights in the sucking of a plethora of cocks.
Dude 1: That dude in the pink shirt is a real fag.

Dude 2: Yeah he's a real pipe smoker.
by TV CAR April 08, 2010
One who gives fellatio.
That Monica Lewinsky is such a pipe smoker.
by caspianhiro August 15, 2003
another name for a crack head, often used when referring to a crack smoker
darren is a pipe smoker
by zenzenkun March 26, 2008