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The girl that is overly obsessed with Patrick Wolf, she has pictures of him everywhere and travells to far distances just to see him. She knows all the words to all his songs, B-sides and unrealased tracks.
"Pipa Wolf" also dyes her hair various colours and mimics the dress sense of Patrick Wolf, trying to be as alike him as possible.
"Pipa Wolf" also knows various random facts about him, from his favourite colour to his favourite brand of produce. She knows the number of wigs owned by Patrick Wolf and the day his bins are collected.
Many see this girl as "slightly obsessed", however, her obsession is not scary and should be embraced by all.
"Omg! It's Pipa Wolf"

"I love Patrick Wolf."
"You should be called 'Pipa Wolf'!"
by xPW November 03, 2009
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