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A rare specimen driven by marijuana. Symptoms result in illogically complaining -about anything special-, fall asleep in an obviously uncomfortable position for around twelve hours in front of the tv, i.e. between a table full of glasses, cigarettes and weed and a coach. When the 'thing' gets enough energy to get up, the product of his rare activity process is magic waffles for breakfast.
-Pioja, hay que pedir una pizza..
-Pero..... de dónde?
-De pizza y come...
-Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! Pioja!...
-Qué? cuál es el pedo?
-Es que el queso de pizza y come es péeeesimo..

-Ah que la chingada, pinche pioja...
-Ya estoy tiradísimo a la mierda..
by Chaneque June 30, 2010
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