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Portmanteau or blend of "Pinoy Aussie," referring to a Filipino who migrated to Australia, embracing the country and its way of life, yet retaining some aspects of their Filipino heritage. May also refer to a person born in Australia of Filipino Heritage.

Aussie - An Australian. One that lives in Australia.

Pinoy - Slang for Filipino male.

Pinay - Slang for Filipino female.

Term coined by Eduardo Maria De La Cruz Gutierrez, in his 2012 book, "Pinosi (Pinoy Aussie): A Filipino Immigrant in Australia 42 Years."
Frank: Hey Benny, you're a Pinoy, but you play cricket...and follow the footy. You're pretty much an Aussie!
Michael: Yeah, he's a Pinosi.
by Totallyfrank June 19, 2013
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