A short, fat, piece of shit ass hole. Actually name, Pinkowski.
Todd-"We were down in Pinky's barn, it was so cool"
Rita-"Are you retarded Todd, Pinky's a dick!"
by Toddrobert33 January 13, 2008
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the littlest finger on your hand.
i broke my pinky dammit.
by FhillyMan August 20, 2003
A crazy lab mouse appearing on Animaniacs and Pinky and The Brain cartoons. He was genetically spliced and was supposed to work with fellow labrat Brain to take over the world, but he prefers to dance, joke, do insane stuff, and contribute little to their plans. With a jokeball like him, how could anyone say no to him!
Brain: Pinky, why did you forget that important ingredient?
by World Domination January 30, 2005
An embarrassingly small penis that is the length and diameter of the average pinky finger. A penis so pathetically tiny that a virgin would not feel it go in. also see: Pinky-scare
You don't want to get with him. Cheryl says he's got a Pinky!

Poor Pinky, it's such a shame 'cause he's a great guy.
by Julie the Queen November 12, 2007
loveable but bitchy female, can talk shit when provoked, often gorgeous and enjoyable!
young beautiful female
by anonymous January 24, 2005
A £50 Note ( Fifty Pound Note )
I got a pinky in ma pocket
by Can B February 01, 2008
Pinky is a term used to describe people of the Caucasian race. It can be used in a friendly manner or in a derogatory manner, all based upon the context of usage.

*Note that white people are not white but indeed a pinkish color. Less they are albino which simply would suck for them.
"Yo brother, what's good?"

- "No much, just hanging out with pinky."

"That man just spilled his drink on your new shoes. You should beat his pinky ass!"
by McDagos February 22, 2010
The pink ghost in pac-man or ms. pac-man who tries to ambush you.
Godammit! Pinky got me again.
by w00tw00t April 05, 2003

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