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the lady regions
male a: she is HOT!

male b: i wouldnt say no to a slice of her pinkie pie
by ecej June 01, 2011
The cutest most awesome character in the new tv series "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". She is pink and has long curly hair akin to a poodles, loves parties and is totally cute and funny.
Pinkie pie makes my day.
by goldenbobllama July 13, 2011
A pinkie pie is when you creampie someone who is on there period.
BRO 1 ''Last night i got to pinkie pie kelly''.

BRO 2 ''What the hell is a pinkie pie''.

BRO 1 ''look it up on UD''.

BRO 2 ''Thats some kinky shit dude''.
by BR0SIDE0N July 31, 2013