To be have rough anal intercourse with another man with lots of hitting and slapping but no loving gestures. The preson being pinked usually ends up eating the santorum.
Roger would've enjoyed being pinked a if bubba wasn't so rough
by Jeff Killeen December 21, 2004
Top Definition
An artist that has had their work made public by a tattoo.
As an author, I have made my work public by having it published. As an artist, I have made my work public by a tattoo artist. I have finally been Pinked. My art has been Pinked. I can measure my success as an artist, by how many of my images have been pinked.
by AXH/AXH January 23, 2014
Walking in on a bro whilst he's getting his game on.

Ruining a brothers fuckfest.

Bro 1: "Dude i was getting my thang on with Rita last night until you guyz turned up and pinked me"
by peterpinker March 28, 2009
When you are sleeping some girl drops her stinky vagina on your face.
Jill got in position and pinked john before he knew what happened.
by The Infamous Kbo July 10, 2008
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