A pinkberry is when a woman is fingered in her anus and a dingleberry is pulled out, then that same finger is put in her vagina, along with the dingleberry, resulting in a pinkberry.
Mike: So what did you do with Laura last night?

Jim: Oh man I pinkberried the shit out of her.

Mike: Nice dude, i love to pinkberry.
by Bennigans456 May 29, 2009
Nickname for a clitoris
He got to have some pinkberry - nice, I want some!
by MarkAB February 03, 2008
The act of anal sex with someone that tries to be trendy, for example a TAB. This is based on the frozen yogurt that is commonly served to many people. However, while Red Mango refers to sexual intercourse only with a TAB, pinkberry is anal sex with anyone, regardless of gender or race. However, it directly implies the person being pounded wishes to or tries to be trendy.
The girl I was dating was fugly so i only wanted to get pinkberry from her.

These two guys I worked with got pinkberry for each other all the time!

Some days i am in the mood for pinkberry so i call up this friend of mine who cant get enough pinkberry.
by Factor Guy May 29, 2008
Clitoris. A highly sensitive, rosily-colored part of the female reproductive anatomy.
Romance required Eugenia to keep her nails carefully manicured -- titillating her girlfriend's high-maintenance pinkberry required all her attention and dexterity.
by Cornelia W. April 29, 2007
crusts of dried vaginal juices that cling to pubic hair. Similar to dingleberry.
I went down on her, but it was a little creepy because I ate a pinkberry.
by david_mamet January 12, 2008

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