A white male's penis
You Asian girls really love that pink whale.
by Uncle Bob January 08, 2004
Top Definition
This is what happens when a girl loses her virginity. Instead of the 'cherry popping' and blood flowing outward, the 'cherry pops' and the blood instead gets forced back upward, in turn, breaks the pelvic bone.
Taylor: "Did you hear what happened to Vicky?"
Gina: "Yeah, I heard her and David finally did it but something went wrong. He gave her pink whale."
Taylor: "Aww, man, that's gotta hurt. If that happened, she won't be back for a while..."
by Obviously Your Mom March 26, 2013
When a man engages in anal sex but it is too rough and the butthole canal is turned inside out.
Guy1 "Oh Jimmy, last night me and my girl were havin some great anal and next thing i new, i pinkwhaled that bitch!"

Guy2 "Oh man that really sucks..."
by cockcat October 08, 2011

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