Small Gang located in Central PA, known to be through out the Harrisburg, Hershey , and Lancaster Areas of PA
the pink panthers are insane, they dont take shit from no1
by wudizzle January 27, 2007
An older gay guy who is interested in younger gay men.
Phil is dating a guy 20 years older than him. The guy he's dating is a total pink panther.
by dexfactor October 11, 2009
a mix of weed & LSD some intriguing shit gonna keep u laughin' while seein' elepants, da rainbow, aye pink panther, mickey mouse etc careful wit this shit
due one:aye scud try this shit
dude two:aiight let me smoke it-puffs in-
dude two:whoa i see mickey mouse dancin' wit aye pink panther
dude one:haha thats Pink panther
by OsamaBinLeanin April 10, 2010
a less common term for the penis
"Yo man, how was your new girlfriend in bed last night?"
"Dude, my pink panther tore her to shreds. She couldn't handle it!"
by Jeremy Bremonovich March 30, 2009
A woman's genital area usually with many pubic hairs, since panthers have fur.

Vaginas are pink, hence Pink Panther.

Bob: Check it out, Cindy isn't wearing underwear!
Dale: Nasty, check out that furry pink panther!
by rod6969696 December 15, 2008
the reverse shocker while making the sound of a dieing panther mostly used as a warm up for ass to mouth
pink panther
by pink pant August 14, 2008
When you finish taking a shit but realize that you are out of toilet paper. This results in one having to awkwardly shuffle around with ones pants down to find toilet paper while avoiding getting faeces on nearby surfaces such as the floor. This is called a Pink Panther because the objective is not to be seen. One can even hum the tune of the Pink Panther movies to add to the feel of espionage on their journey to the cupboard, or in the worst case, the corner store.
1. I pulled a Pink Panther at school, I had to get all the way downstairs to the janitors closet without being seen.

2. Grandma tried pulling a Pink Panther, but fell down a flight of stairs and broke her hip.

3. I had to pull a Pink Panther last night, working under the cover of darkness is easy, until you grab sandpaper.
by Christ almighty October 08, 2007

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