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Just as a brown noser kisses ass for favors, a pink noser kisses clit for favors.
Look at him over there sucking up to her...he's such a pink noser!
by goodwood May 16, 2012
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When a person is such a kiss ass they go beyond brown nosing and move their nose to the vagina instead.
dude i hate that kid, hes such a pink noser
by harter911 May 03, 2010
A person that kisses up to a woman, especially on the internet, exceedingly. It's one thing to treat them well, it's another thing to be outrageous about it. Pinknoser is the female equivalent of a brown nosing.
I can't stand the way you put girls up on a pedestal. Stop pinknosing, lamer.
by ManInTheBox March 27, 2005

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