When you're eating a girl out, and she pees while you're doing it.
I was eating that bitch out until she sprayed pink lemonade in my face.
by Tony Love August 01, 2006
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Regular, lemon flavoured, lemonade, mixed with strawberry flavoured drink.
"Lemonade isn't sweet enough. I need the double sweetness of Pink Lemonade"
by orgabulator November 01, 2005
When a girl squirts on her period.
Named this because of its color and sour taste.
1: Dude, I totally drank Lisa's pink lemonade last night.
2: You have serious problems.
by OffToVisitYourMother February 27, 2011
Pink lemonade is just regular lemonade except made with pink lemons (these are only found in India).
Actual Conversation:

Guy 1: Wow man, that lemonade is pink!

Guy 2: Bro, that shit is some pink lemonade!

Guy 3: Did you know that its made from pink lemons that are only found in India?
by PinkyOPinky August 09, 2012
When a girl urinates in a glass and then puts her used tampon in the glass to tint the glass of urine to a pinkish color
This pink lemonade you made is very acidic...cause its pee and blood
by Jared Jizzmosis October 15, 2010
When you are having sex with a girl on her period, urinate in her vagina and then collect it into a cup.
I sure could go for a pink lemonade tonight!
by Obie1 March 02, 2007
A fetish sexual act in which one partner hits the other in the face to draw blood and then proceeds to urinate on their face, hence, making pink lemonade.
My ho was feelin' frisky, and since I can't get no erection, I gave her the satisifaction of a pink lemonade.
by DeeJay December 12, 2003

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