A classic rock and roll band formed in the mid-sixties by Roger Waters and Syd Barrett. Pink Floyd is often only recognized by their ultra mega smash hit album "Dark Side of the Moon" (1973), when in fact they had many fantastic tunes prior the bands exploding into stardom in '73. If you happen to be unfamiliar with any early Pink Floyd albums, I reccommend Meddle, Atom Heart Mother, & Obscurred by Clouds . . . these are albums made after Syd Barrett went looney & David Gilmour joined as lead guitarist, but before they reached superstardom in '73.
Hey, Pink Floyd is awesome!!
by lift-ticket July 29, 2006
Overall awesome band. I normally don't like bands like this but I am completely hooked on Pink. I normally like traditional Classic Rock like AC/DC or Van Halen. But Pink Floyd just hits my musical spot. Like most I enjoy The Wall the best overall, along with the movie. But Meddle is an amazing album along with Relics. Of course Darkside of the Moon. I have developed from a band wagon know-nothing Pink Fan to a complete Pink obsessed human. I played Wish You Were Here for my English class for a project, and my classmates called it "Hippy Crap" I was in a complete dismay. Then one student told me:
Kid: Pink Floyd is amazing.
Me: Whats your favorite album?
Kid: Dark Side of the Moon.
Me: Whats your favorite song on DSOTM?
Kid: Another Brick in the Wall
Me: Go kill yourself.
by Trey101 May 09, 2008
The only band I've ever heard that actually isolates me from the surroundings into the realms of another existence.
"Come on you raver, you seer of visions,
come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine!"

Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd
by swallow_the_moon April 05, 2008
bu far one of the beest bands ever. they are good enough to the point to where if ur not on wedd and u listen to them u get the same effects as if u were on weed.There is one thing that pisses me off though. THE PEOPLE WHO LISTEN TO PINK FLOYD BECASUE IT IS A SO-CALLED FAD, GO LISTEN TO THAT GOOD CHARLOTTE SHIT AND LET REAL FANS LISTEN TO THE MUSIC .YOU DON'T KNOW JACK SHIT. I HOPE YOU PAINFULLY DIE.mEANWHILE WE WILL BE ON THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON HAVIN FUN.some of pinks albums-wish you were here, dark side of the moon, and the ever popular, the wall
Old GC Fan- Hey i got the wall i'm so cool
pink fan- if ur so cool name some other albums
old gc fan-ummm lifetyles of the rich and the famous
pink fan-you dumbshit go F**k urself
by darksideofthemoonresident#13 January 08, 2005
best band ever-better then all-no equals- no competeters- not only are they getting in the rock & roll hall of fame, but their getting an entire wing dedicated to them Put aside DSOTM and the Wall and pick up a copy of More, Atom Heart Mother, Saucerful of secrets, or Relics, ull be amazed at how original and awesome thier early stuff was. Wish u were here and Animals are also awesome- but no matter wut they are still the best band ever NO ONE WILL EVER COMPARE, EVER
PF kicks so much ass, fuck all this new shit , like shitty ass emo and screemo. country fuckin sucks ass too. if u want to know everything about PF, like i do, go to pinkfloydhyperbase.dk
by CS March 11, 2005
A very influencial and ground breaking band, formed in the 60's. Named after two bluesmen, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council, Pink Floyd's main lineup included Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Rick Wright, and Nick Mason. Though, the original lead guitar and frontman was the genious Syd Barret, who was replaced by Gilmour around 1968, due to his excessive LSD use.

Pink Floyd was one of the first, if not the first (to do it as much as they did), band to begin to experiment with unusual/electronic sounds. This helped to give them their otherwordly sound, and gave them the label as 'Space Rock' or 'Psychadelic' music.

In 1973, two years after the release of 'Meddle' (one of their more melodic albums), 'Dark Side of the Moon' debued (which was actually performed live once, a year before) reached #1 on the charts in the USA, and remained on the charts for an astonishing 741 weeks. 'Dark Side' has sold well over 30 million albums to date.

'Wish You Were Here', the next album, was basically a tribute to the long departed Syd Barret, followed by 'Animals'. Both albums brought the ideas of social insecurites and fears, the same seen in 'Dark Side of the Moon' to a more full frontal view.

'Another Brick in the Wall' considered to be the best concept album of all time, came next, this time the album was based on the walls people build around themselves to protect them from the cruelty of society and life. There was also a movie made to illustrate the album, with no spoken dialouge, just the album playing throughout.

In the 80's, the band broke up after Water's leave (mainly due to him becomming a megalomaniac of sorts, and wanting too much control over the band. This did not sit well with David Gilmour in particular). Even without their main songwriter, they did get a top 5 album ('A Momentary Lapse of Reason')

The band has only played together with the original lineup (discounting Syd Barret) once since the break up, at the Live 8 concert in July, 2005.

Some of the major Pink Floyd hit songs include-
Wish You Were Here
Comfortably Numb (Which, as a side note, was NOT written about being stoned. It was about a time when Roger Waters had a sickness when he was a child, and it caused him to have the symptoms mentioned in the song.)
"And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes...

...I'll see you on the dark side of the moon." - Pink Floyd (Brain Damage - Dark Side of the Moon)
by Cal Larson August 21, 2005
The greatest band that ever existed. This music, especially that from "The Dark Side of the Moon" will be popular for multiple generations. It is STILL on the I-tunes top 100 highest sold albums now even though it was released in 1973. Hopefully you are looking up this to learn more about the band, and you can do so using the other definitions, but let me tell you, a $100 dollar or so investment at your local record store will give you music you will love for the rest of your life. Can you say that about many of your previous ones? Start your collection with Animals, The Wall, The Dark Side of the Moon, Meddle, and the Piper at the gates of dawn.
"Pink Floyd - First in Space"
by senirevlow June 19, 2006

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