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When you have sex with your girlfriend and she is on her period and you cum inside her and on your dick you will see pink cum because red+white is pink
John: I was In art class, and we were learning colors and I thought why not fuck a girl on her period but then again I was thinking about red and white to make pink and I thought HEYY PINK DRAGON

Maria: You nasty son of a bitch...
by Nobody but the Tay July 20, 2015
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A finely grinded powder drug that's a pale pink colour. It's a rare back street drug often used to alter with the body as it slows down organs/nerves. It's rare to find as it isn't dealt often, this is because it's easy to overdose and die from it. Common to be found as a powder, but can be liquidised into a injectionable form.
He took a hotshot of pink dragon.
Pink dragon isn't common.
by Pepper8826 April 08, 2015
Slang word for 'penis'
Hey bro, did you get laid last night?

Yea, Stacey was all over my pink dragon!
by FunDotCom March 05, 2010
Pinkdragon (verb) to ejaculate into a girl's nose, and punching her face as it is coming out of her mouth so it mixes with blood creating the color pink.

Pinkdragon (noun) A girl with a broken face and blood mixed with sperm coming out her nose and mouth, creating the color pink.
If you see a woman and a man walk out of a room, the man very satisfied and the woman hurt and with pink liquid all over her face, a Pinkdragon most likely took place.
by Dr. Sexmonster November 29, 2011

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