1. easy
2. no problem to get down their pants
3. works well on knees
4. has legs spread more then catholic boys do going to confession.
Every girl at my school
by Pope John Paul II December 10, 2003
The tip of a white male's penis, typically sucked and massaged by an Asian prostitute named Wee-How Fung-Chu in China Town, San Fran for under 5 dollars. We all know that he has exceptional lip muscle and control. When is through giving you a bj, hj, rj, or mj, piss on his face as such. Rub it on his titties and in his vagina. Fuck Carrots!
Wow... My Pink Panther is all big and black after visiting Wee-How Fung-Chu. That Chink convinced me to participate in a large amount of Niggerdom... SWEET!
by Cow Poly April 28, 2007
apparatus used to smoke drugs i.e a bong.
"load up the pink panther"
when a chick is on some guys tip, and she's giving that mean b.j., right before he busts, she bites down hard enough to draw blood, thus mixing red(blood) with white (gentlemens relish), makes the color pink. similar to that of a pink panthers tail.
maria: you like that?
man 1: heck yes!
man 2: DO IT!
maria: -chomps down-
man 1: owwwwwwwwwww!!! ahhhhhhhh. i love you baby!
man 2: she just gave you a pink panther.
maria: bitch.
by whydunchablowme August 25, 2005
Mixture of Sperm and Blood dripping down one's mouth.
After I skeeted in his mouth I punched'm in right on the lip. Man you should have seen have seen that soar ass pink panther face.
by hot lunch April 13, 2005
When you give head to a girl during her period
I didn't even know she was on her period. She ended up giving me a pink panther.
by deeberman June 24, 2005

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