Blue Balls For Girls.
" when a girl gets horny but doesnt get none she gets a stomache ache. pink ovaries. "
by Lids. December 03, 2010
Top Definition
Female aching in the pelvic area after prolonged sexual arousal without orgasm. The female equivalent of blue balls.
My girlfriend gave me blue balls because she wouldn't let me cum. But two holes and six vibrators later, she got pink ovaries I got my revenge.
by Praxos October 13, 2008
The female genitals become engorged with blood during heightened sexual arousal. An orgasm quickly dissipates the increased volume and blood flow to the genitals. Without an orgasm, it takes longer for this to occur.
Getting pink ovaries is just like getting blue balls except pink ovaries is in females.
by LolaLovegood January 08, 2009
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