The band you want to listen to when you are in your happy place. (high)
high person 1 - hey dude I'm totally baked!
high person 2 - me too man!
high person 1 - let's listen to some pink floyd!
high person 2 - "puts the dark side of the moon on"....

both characters go off into a crazy rage killing each other as they have a bad trip.

high persons father - crazy son's o' bitches! shouldn't have listened to pink floyd!
by getsomedude May 23, 2010
The Mythological Gods of the Greeks and Romans, whom resurfaced to give us a reason to smoke pot and watch "The Wizard of Oz" simultaneously.
"Dude, 'Darkside of The Moon' by Pink Floyd is god-like"
by JKKC January 03, 2008
How you know your kids are on drugs
Hmm, well, Johnys room has smelled alot like incense lately, and he was out all day April 20th with his Bob Marley shirt... Wait, whats this?! Pink Floyd?! Darkside?! JOHNY! YOU HAVE SOME 'SPLAINING TO DO!
by Anus McGuyver June 21, 2007
Pink Floyd
thats it.....
thats all there is to it.
no group.....they are THEY.

"some might say where a drug orientated group.....but where can trust us"
David Gilmour live at pompeii
"one of these days im going to cut you into tiny little pieces"

play that to someone you have never met befor.
someone who has never listend to pink floyd before.

but Befor hand give them about 2 Skunk Blunts!!!..
by wrathsthirdeye February 27, 2005
^^I usually normally listen to rap also, but NOTHING compares to Pink Floyd when you are laid back and chillin at home, esp when your baked.

Roger Waters basically made Pink Floyd what it was at its peak, that's why all albums from Saucerful of Secrets to Animals (Basically, anything after Syd Barrett left and before The Wall) are like heaven to a stoned man's ears, and you can't beat that feeling.
-Dawg, I was pimpin' G-Unit when I just lit the blunt and turned on my Pink Floyd.

-Pink Floyd? You listen to them also, homie?

-Fuck yea homes, especially Wish You Were Here, now that's the shit.

-Can't forget Meddle.
by PFman March 28, 2005
Slang: An exposed marine mammal penis.
Wow, would you look at the Pink Floyd on that elephant seal!
by RebeccaS February 03, 2008
1)A pink dildo. Origin, UK slang.
2)A sex toy, a plastic penis coloured pink, hence a Pink Floyd.
She preferred to use her Pink Floyd rather than a casual one night stand.
by RogerJay. April 10, 2008

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