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An urban clothing brand geared towards skaters and hip hop fans. Has been seen being worn by Cool Kids rapper Mikey Rocks.
Dude that's a nice pink dolphin shirt! I wish their stuff wasn't always sold out online!
by SeattleSonics October 24, 2012
The viscous-looking, pink inner penis that emerges from a dog's furry outer penis when he is excited and/or sexually aroused.
Rex seems to really like you. Uh oh, here comes the pink dolphin.
by S. Foxx Fitzgerald June 28, 2007
when a man engages in doggy style sex with a female and unexpectadly begins to insert his penis into her rectum. she then turns around and makes a sound similar to that witch playful dolphins make at sea world. In other words its seems as if she is desperatly trying to tell you no.
I was banging this hooker last night and when I tried to stick it in her ass she gave me the pink dolphin. I guess she was trying to tell me no, but it was so damn funny.
by Mr.Pookies April 16, 2007
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