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1.) Quite possibly the most evil prospective super-villain ever imagined for low-budget horror/action movies: a Pirate, Ninja, Zombie hybrid.

2.) A creature that possesses the redeemable traits of 18th century seafaring fashion, stealth and articulate weaponry skill, and longevity of the undead.

3.) The severest case of explosive diarrhea one can incur after eating Indian food.
1.) Tremor Connoisseur 1: "I tootally can't wait for this movie to come out, I hear it has a Pinjambie in it! It's gonna suck sooo bad."
Tremor Connoisseur 2: "It's gonna suck awesome!"

2.) Kid: "Mom, can we go see Piranha 3D?"
Mom: "Fuck Piranhas, there's a Pinjambie in the movie we're seeing tonight."
Kid (whining): "But I want Piranhaaas..."
Mom: "What part of 'Fuck Piranhas' did you not understand?"

3.) Dude 1: "Holy fudgesicles man, my explosive Pinjambie just blew two holes straight through both my underwear and pants!!"
Dude 2: "Dude, you had one curry ball. What's wrong with you?"
by aeop June 28, 2011
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