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Pinelands is exactly what it sounds like, a land full of pineys. For fun they shoot things, drink beer, watch nascar, drink more, then shoot some more shit. They wear flanels, jeans and cowboy hats and most have a southern accents. There extremely behind on technologly and are puzzled on how to use an ipod. There completely consumed by the power of contry music. They have farms everywhere and use there own brand of redneck slang Just your normal group of rednecks.
Ryan: Whatcha doing this weekend Kristen?

Kristen: Ehh probably drinkin some beer, shooting some trees, and maybe robbing a farm for chicken eggs! Yeeehaa!

Ryan: Piney...

Kristen: Well what else ya gonna do in pinelands!
by Someone whos normal November 16, 2010
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