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the ghetto of Lake Linganore, Pinehurst is home to many construction sites in which construction has always been around and will never end (or create anything useful). Because of this never ending construction, the roads are torn up and backhoes liter all surrounding areas. At night it is not uncommon to see a lot of drunken fathers and high school students driving back from wherever they were drinking that night. despite all of this Pinehurst is one of the best neighborhoods in Fredrick County because it makes you think twice about who you trust, which is a great skill for the real world.
A: hey, what neighborhood are you from?
B: oh, i'm from Pinehurst, MD
A: im from west winds, please don't steal my wallet

B: bitch please, if i wanted your wallet i would have stolen it by now
A: oh, right...
by Carlosspicyweiner June 08, 2012

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