To get benched in a sport
You got pined and it's only the 3rd inning, lmfao
by Geotrio June 11, 2003
Top Definition
To be hit by a pine tree, such as when driving at high speeds through a forest.
Dude, I was riding my bike in the mountains in GTA V and I got pined so hard.
by Ltmonkeyman February 11, 2015
To Crash into Pine trees (usually in GTA 5) and total your car
Nerd cubed "I Just pined my car Martin"
by BOSSATRONIO July 11, 2015
Absolutely Hammered
I saw Matt come out of the pub and he was absolutely pined
by sprinkleofprotips May 30, 2016
To have ones anus penetrated with a Pine cone.
I was riding my motorcycle when I was pined by a tree.
by arandomusername1234 February 12, 2015
To get banged in the ass really hard, usaully by a male. To get bent over and taken advantage of.
Did you hear about Dan getting Pined? He said he really got it hard in the ass, and coudln't walk for weeks......Poor guy!
by jranggy November 24, 2005
Being high as fuck. Derived from the word "pine" as in a pine tree.
Bro, I am soooo freaking pined right now, I can't talk!
by PurpleSwag July 26, 2011
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