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A college prep school located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, often see as "that rich kid school" and/or "that really hard school". With a 78 acre Fort Lauderdale campus and a 20 acre Boca Raton Campus, PC includes many different facilities. Pine Crest wastes no time when it comes to molding the brains of students and piling on extracurriculars. Many students go on to attend acclaimed Colleges and Universitys as well as Ivy League schools. Students can be seen indulging in 'student store' cookies to relieve stress while getting smothered by exam week 3 times a year, and multiple tests daily. In the long run, as much as students actually 'live' at Pine Crest, the journey is well worth the fight.
Person 1: Hey did you hear about the kid who went alone to Iraq?
Person 2: Yeah didn't he go to Pine Crest School in Florida?
by daaancagrl March 11, 2009
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