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Pine Creek High School, accepting rejects since 1998. Located in the middle of Black Forest and Monument. Filled with crack heads, fake bitches with fake tans, stuck up boys who are secretly flamming homosexuals. Where DECA is a the "cool kids group," and a clan. Common worn clothing- black shirts to show off those sexy hips, yoga pants and tight jeans with belts. Waking up at 5:00 am to paste on their faces with cheap makeup is common for all the girls and more than half of the flamming homosexuals. The only thing dirtier than the crazy bitches over there are their used condoms fille with STD's found in their parking lot and bathrooms. Where freshman can look like horse-face sluts and get loads of ass. Freshman have taken over this school and the upperclassmen don't do anything about it. They put the STD in stud all they need is U.
Pine Creek High School, cheated in their football game against Valor Christian.
by Sigrid Frauke February 26, 2012
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