Polish slang term meaning minx, hussy, effectively the same as cunt.
What a stupid pinda!
Haha! That woman's last name is Pinda.
by BobTheCob September 01, 2006
Top Definition
a combination of a Panda and a Pig
Dude, Christine looks just like a pinda!
by HeyLookItsMe! October 06, 2009
A Cuban swear word meaning:Male testicals,the cock (male genitalia). can also be used as a reference to the food "peanuts".
Boy:Hey girl! why don't you come over here and take a little nibble at my HUGE pinda!

Girl:WOW i aint never seen such a sexy pinda as yours before!

Yuck these pindas are too salty!
by Ian Sipes August 22, 2008
an Apache word for "white". Used to describe a caucasian.
Fred: I went to Nieman Marcus and it was crowded with pindas
by Blue Horse May 17, 2005
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