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The act of itching one's scrotum due to the fact that the area in and around the testicles is very sensitive to harsh forces.

Men can not just scratch their scrotum but must grab the sack between there fingers at the spot of itchiness and Pinch and Roll the skin back in forth to attain full satisfaction.
My ballsack is very itchy. I think I'll go find a private place in the office and pinch-n-roll them.
by WillyJK January 27, 2009

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By far the best technique of easing the itch of ones ball sack. Done by LIGHTLY pinching the scrotum and rolling it in a circular motion.
Quit itchin your balls bro.....you look like a dirty homeless guy. Try the "pinch n roll". It's discreet and gets the job done!
by Rotn Autn December 14, 2013
When a guy has itchy balls . and he pinch's it and rolls to stop the recent itch .
Man has an itch downstairs , so he goes in . pinches the sack then rolls. aka the Pinch n Roll
by babykdee August 25, 2011