A female perspective of a pimp. One that pull hard as ever and gets what she wants when she want it.
I'm Pimptress by Blood, Not Relation
by Pimptress March 12, 2003
Top Definition
A woman in control of her own sexuality. Doesn't take no for an answer. Gets what she wants all the time. Doesn't let men hold her down or take advantage of her, that's HER job. The Ultimate woman.
In order to truly succeed in life, you must find your inner pimptress.
A fairytale. A title usually given by a woman to herself in order for her to appear independent from men. Most "Pimpstresses" are known to fuck more than I do, only I make money out of fucking bootiful bootches, a "Pimpstress" will eat cum for free. This definiton is identical to that of whore.
That beezy said she was a "Pimptress" until Suga Bear overheard her making a mockery of his chosen profession. Shortly after the same "Pimptress" was seen selling her voluptuous vagina for Suga Bear at a rate of $50 for a handjob, $100 for a blowjob, and $300 for a half and half. Business boomed and Suga Bear was happy.
by Negro Sandia February 16, 2005
woman that knows whats up
It's all about pimping and hoeing. It takes a woman to do a mans job
by Melody Anne March 27, 2003
Female Pimp
Don't hate on me cause i'm a fuckin' pimptress...
by christina October 02, 2002
A tru lil female who has game wit a capital "G" therefore a female who plays a pimp betta then any male that thinks he's a pimp or is a pimp.
Me N mah girls who got what they want when they want and it all comes naturally.....*holla
by Teresa b/k/a P!mptre$$ April 15, 2003
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